Surface structure and critical load of thin metal films on SiC substrate

SiC 기판상의 금속박막의 표면구조 및 임계하중

  • 임창성 (전남대학교 물리화학공학과)
  • Published : 1995.08.01


Surface structure and adhesion by the reaction between thin metal films and SiC were studied at temperatures between 550 and $1450^{\circ}C$ for various times. The reaction with the formation of various silicides was initially observed above $850^{\circ}C$ for SiC/Co system and $650^{\circ}C$ for SiC/Ni system. The cobalt reacted with SiC and consumed completely at $1050^{\circ}C$ for 0.5 h and the nickel at $950^{\circ}C$ for 2 h. The observed CoSi phase in SiC/Co and Ni$_2$Si phase in SiC/Ni are thermodynamically stable in the reaction zone up to 125$0^{\circ}C$ and $1050^{\circ}C$ respectively. Carbon was crystallized as graphite above $1450^{\circ}C$ for SiC/Co reaction surface and $1250^{\circ}C$ for SiC/Ni. The critical loads of the thin metal films on SiC substrate were qualitatively compared in terms of the scratch test method. At temperatures between 850 and $1050^{\circ}C$, relatively higher values of 20~33 N were observed for SiC/Ni couples.