A study on the development of thin-walled metal bearing for the large-sized slow speed diesel engines.

대형저속 디젤엔진용 박판형 메탈 베어링의 국산화 개발에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1995.08.01


Nowadays the thin-walled metal bearing, which is made seperately from the bearing housing and has the ratio of wall thickness/bearing diameter being less than 1/30, are used in many newly developed large-sized slow speed diesel engines for the purpose of upgarding lubication performance and easy maintenance according to the trends of increasing output per cylinder and lowering engine speed. The type of this bearing has been used generally in many small-sized high speed engines applied for automobile, high speed craft and industrial power generation systems since 1950s. But the tranditional thick-walled bearings, whice are linned white metal on the bearing housing directly, have been installed on the large and slow speed engines until 1990s due to the easy manufacturing procedures. In this study we have calculated optimum dimensions of the metal bearing, fabricated special zigs for crush measurement, model test machine, 2 sets of specimens.(crosshead pin bearing, $\phi$818*552*20mm) for B & W 6S70MC(20, 940*88rpm), and evaluated metal constact phenomena of white metal, its friction coefficient, temparature rise through the model test and field performance test.