Architectural Fashion Design Interpreted by Semiotics

건축적인 의상디자인의 기호학적 연구

  • Published : 1995.08.01


Semiotics is an external expression for show-ing internal meaning, and the signs express the internal meaning. The architects and the designers are very similar each other in using semiotics for expressing their desires. Histori-cally, the design similarity exists between the architecture and the fashion. In this study, the fashion designs are interpreted by using semiotics of architectural design, especially emphasizing external expression methods for representing internal desires. To express the human body's character-istics, the volume, weight support, structural simplicity, controllability and beauty of fashion were used for the fashion designs, and those characters could be found at the architec-tural patterns. Balenciaga's fashion emphasized the volume, the weigh support, the structural simplicity and the controllability, while Roberto Capucci rejected the approach of using women's body curves, but used the volume and simplicity of natures in addition to Balenciaga's heavy weight design patterns. The control and the modern dedication were used to make the simple patterns by Courreges, and then brought the Modernism to the fashion. Courreges used the cutting characters to func-tional design for expressing the structural sim-plicity.