Grain Processing on Feed Efficiency for Beef Production

비육용 곡물사료의 가공방법과 증체효율

  • Published : 1995.08.01


The studies had been conducted to evaluate the grain processing effects for ruminants on starch digestion, body weight gain and feed efficiency since 1970. This research deals with experimental results on chemical structure, gelatinization, microbial starch digestion in rumen, intestinal starch digestion in rumen, roles of protozoa, intestinal starch digestion of bypass starch, limits to starch digestion in small intestine. The grain processing has different effects on digestion, weight gain and feed efficiency when different grain sources and contents is used, and the quality and quantity of roughage is different. The economical and efficient method of grain processing should be selected considering weight gain and feed efficiency enhancement than digestibility.