Efects of Chitosan on Cell Flocculation in Soybean Curd Wastewater Treated by Photosynthetic Bacteria

Chitosan에 의한 광합성세균 처리 두부공업폐수의 균체 응집효과

  • 오준현 (고려대학교 식품공학과) ;
  • 조홍연 (고려대학교 식품생명공학과) ;
  • 양한철 (고려대학교 식품공학과)
  • Published : 1995.12.01


As a mean to recover photosynthetic bacterial(PSB) cells and its practical uses in food industrial wastewater treatment, various biodegradable polyelectrolytes were first investigated for flocculation of suspended colloids in the PSB treatment process of soybean curd wastewater. Anionic polyelectrolytes such as sodium alginate and carrageenan were not effective but a cationic polyelectrolyte chitosan isolated from Portunus trituberclatus showed very effective flocculation activity. The concentration of chitosan, pH and temperature of wastewater for maximal flocculation were 40 mg/l, pH 7 and room temperature, respectively. Test using deacetylated chitosan to various degree showed higher flocculating activities in samples deacetylated over 75% and time for maximum flocculation was 40 min by stirring slowly under the above optimal conditions. Chitosan was not only effective to flocculate cells but also removed COD and MLSS of the wastewater. COD of 42% and MLSS of 87% were removed by addition of chitosan to the soybean curd wastewater treated with PSB.



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