The Change in Content of Constitutive Lipid and Fatty Acid of Pacific Saury during Natural Freezing Dry(Kwa Mae Kee)

꽁치 자연동결건조(과메기)중 지방함량과 지방산 조성 변화

  • 오승희 (포항전문대학 식품영양과) ;
  • 김덕진 (대구대학교 식품공학과)
  • Published : 1995.09.01


The results which were examined changes In contents of constitutive lipid and fatty acid during the natural drying of Pacific Saury were as follows. During the natural drying of Pacific Saury, offal lipid and moisture contents gradually decreased. In the survey of rancidity degree extracted lipid of Pacific Saury, peroxide value was gradually Increased, TBA and acid value were radically increased thereafter 9 days of drying. Neutral lipid, phospholipid and glycolipid contents of total lipid were 95%, 4% and 2%, respectively, and in the neutral lipid, content of TG was more than 90%, and in the phospholipid, contents of PC and PE were 45∼85%, 27∼34%, respectively. Fatty acid composition of total lipid was substantially higher in C18:0 and C20:1, C22:1, C22:6 contents and fatty acid composition of neutral lipid was higher In C22:1, C22:1, contents and fatty acid composition of phospholipid was the highest in C22:6 content. In the fatty acid composition of glycolipid, monounsaturated fatty acid content has substantially higher, C16:0 content was gradually Increased In saturated fatty acid and C22:1 content was gradually decreased in monounsaturated fatty acid. It showed that fatty acid composition of triglyceride has higher in monounsaturated fatty acid content and contents of C20:1, C22:1 was gradually decreased.