Effects of Polyphosphates on the Growth and T-2 Toxin Production of Fusarium sporotrichioides M-1-1

인산염이 Fusarium sporotrichioides M-1-1 성장과 T-2 toxin 생성에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 1995.12.01


The antifungal effects of polyposphates on the growth and T-2 toxin production of Fusarium sporotrichioides M-1-1 were investigated. The growth of the strain was significantly inhibited in the potatoes dextrose agar medium treated with 1.5% polyphosphates or more. When we checked T-2 toxin by the indirect competitive ELISA, the strain produced 11.25 ug/ml and 10.90 ug/ml levels of T-2 toxin rice and corn containing 50% moisture contents, respectively. However, T-2 toxin was little detected in rice medium and corn medium with 1.5% polyphosphates addition for short(14 days) and prolonged incubation time(45 days). We also observed the destruction of cell wall and outflow of cell ingredients with 1% polyphosphates treatment to the strain. Therefore, moisture and polyphosphates greatly effected on the growth and T-2 toxin production of the strain.