Dietary Fiber in Godulbaegi(Korean Lettuce, Ixeris sonchifolia H.) Kimchi

고들빼기김치 식이섬유질의 식품학적인 특성

  • Hong-Soo Ryu (Dpet. of Nutrition and Food Science, National Fisheries University of Pusan) ;
  • Eun-Young Hwang (Dpet. of Nutrition and Food Science, National Fisheries University of Pusan) ;
  • Soon-Sil Chun (Dept. of Food and Nutrition, Sunchon National University) ;
  • Kun-Young Park (Dept. of Food Science and Nutrition, and Institute of Kimchi, Pusan National University)
  • Published : 1995.06.01


The effect of processing conditions on the changes in the contents of dietary fiber fractions and its physical properteis of Godulbaegi(Korean lettuce, Ixeris sonchifolia H.) was determined during preparation and fementation for kimchi. Water holding capacity(WHC) and oil adsorption capacity(OAC) were also checked on the subject of freeze dried powder from different stages of the kimchi processing. Neutral detergent fiber(NDF) content in young samples(leaf and root) decreased with prolonged soaking and fermentation period. Every young samples had a higher level in NDF than in ripe samples. Noticeable decrease in acid detergent fiber(ADF) without a change in ripe roots was showed after fermentation($4^{\circ}C$, 60 days). The water holding capacity of freeze dried young plants ranged from 5.78ml/g for roots to 6.31ml/g for leaves. Soaking and fermentation resulted in decreasing WHC and about 50% of WHC(raw leaves) was lowered after kimchi fermentation($4^{\circ}C$, 40 days). OAC of all samples were lower than WHC in same samples significantly and those were also decreased after soaking and fermentations as WHC.


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