Time Domain Analysis of Circular Patch Antennas

원형 패치 안테나의 시간영역 해석

  • Lee, Jick-Yeul (Elec. Eng., Korea Institute of Technolygy and Education)
  • Published : 1995.10.01


The majority of problems to which FDTD is being applied involve open structure which require the appropriate scheme to terminate the computational domain. In particular, for the propagation problem of the outgoing waves, a certain type of boundary condition needs to be applied on outer boundaries of the computational domain to generate no reflected waves. In this paper, a new simple technique is presented, which allows the reduced computation time and excellent absorbing characteristics for normal and oblique incident waves on outer boundaries. To illustrate the validity of this method, a numerical calculation for monopole antenna is carried out and the results are compared to measured data. The time-domain properties for circular patch antennas are investicated.