A Study on Magnetic State of Nonstoichiometric Substituted Ferrite Fe$_{}1.429$(Al$_{4-x}$ Ga$_{x}$)$_{0.286}$ Si$_{0.143}$ /O$_4$ Systme.

비화학량론적 치환형 페라이트 Fe$_{}1.429$(Al$_{4-x}$ Ga$_{x}$)$_{0.286}$ Si$_{0.143}$ /O$_4$계의 자기적 상태 연구

  • Published : 1995.10.01


The magnetic states of nonstoichiometric substituted ferrite Fe$_{}1.429$(Al$_{4-x}$ Ga$_{x}$)$_{0.286}$ Si$_{0.143}$ /O$_4$ system have been investigated using Mossbauer spectroscopy and SQUID. The Mossbauer spectra at room temperature show well-defined two Zeeman patterns for x=0.2, superpositions of two Zeeman patterns and a doublet for x=0.4. The doublet peak seems to be originated from the superparamagnetic clusters. The system shows significant departures from the Neel's collinear model and seems to be the diluted ferrites. The Mossbauer spectra below R.T show various and complicated patterns, which can be explained by freezing of the superparamagnetic clusters. On cooling, magnetic states of the system may be various and multicritical, Resulting from SQUID measurements, there was an unexpected dip in magnetization curves below 50K. It was interpreted as an effect of spin canting including spin freezing or collective spin behavior.



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