The Martensitic Phase Transformation and Texture Development in Hadfield's Steels

Hadfield강에서의 마르텐사이트 상변태와 결정방위조직과의 관계 연구

  • Kim, Taik-Nam (Department of Inorganic Materials Engineering, Pai Chai University, Taejon)
  • Published : 1995.10.01


Texture development and martensitic phase transformation, on rolling, are compared in two Hadfield's steels, one having low carbon content(0.65wt% C), the other high carbon content(1.35wt%). In spite of small difference in stacking fault energy(about 2 mJm$^{-2}$ ) between two Hadfield's steels, the differences in texture development are observed. In low carbon steel, the textures developed are similar to those of low stacking fault energy metals in low strain range. However, the abnormal textures such as {111} , {110} <001> are strongly developed at high strain, which are due to the disturbance of u martensite in the development of textures formed at the packets of shear bands or at the grain boundaries. In contrast to low carbon Hadfield's steel( LCHS), the texture development of high carbon Hadfield's steel(HCHS) is simitar to those of low stacking fault energy metals in the whole strain range. This may be due to the fact that the amount of deformation induced martensite was small, as observed by A.C. magnetic susceptibility and iron particle tests.



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