Superconducting Characteristics of Melt Spun $YBa_2Cu_3Ag_{15}$ and $YbBa_2Cu_3Ag_x$ (x=5, 16 and 53) Microcomposites

융체방사법으로 제작한 $YBa_2Cu_3Ag_{15}$$YbBa_2Cu_3Ag_x$ (x=5, 16 and 53)미세복합재의 초전도 특성

  • Published : 1995.10.01


Melt spun YB $a_2$C $u_3$A $g_{15}$ and YbB $a_2$C $u_3$A $g_{x}$(x=5, 16 and 53) precursor alloy ribbons were oxidized at 263~322$^{\circ}C$, and heat-treated at 872~89$0^{\circ}C$ under 1.0atm oxygen pressure. In addition, about ten ribbons were stacked and coupled by pressing, and then followed the same heat treatment. YB $a_2$C $u_3$ $O_{7-{\delta}}$(1-2-3) or YbB $a_2$C $u_3$ $O_{7-{\delta}}$(1-2-3) phase was formed in both the ribbons and the multilayered specimens. The formed 1-2-3 phases were not texturized in all the ribbons, but slightly texturized in the multilayered specimens. $J_{c}$ was not achieved in all the ribbons at 77K and zero magnetic field. Among the multilayered specimens, YB $a_2$C $u_3$A $g_{15}$ and YbB $a_2$C $u_3$A $g_{16}$ showed $J_{c}$ of 260 and 180A/$\textrm{cm}^2$, respectively. YB $a_2$C $u_3$A $g_{15}$ and YbB $a_2$C $u_3$A $g_{16}$ are considered to be the appropriate compositions in producing textured superconducting oxides with improved $J_{c}$ by pressing. Onset critical temperature ( $T_{on}$ ) of the multilayered YB $a_2$C $u_3$A $g_{15}$ was 92K while those of YbB $a_2$C $u_3$A $g_{x}$(x=5 , 16 and 53) were 88~90K. , 16 and 53) were 88~90K.



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