Crystal Molecular Orbital Calculation of the Lanthanum Nickel Oxide by Means of the Micro-Soft Fortran

마이크로-소프트 포트란을 이용한 복합 산화물 결정의 분자 궤도함수 계산

  • Published : 19950900


EHMACC and EHPC programs written in VAX version to calculate the tight-binding extended Huckel method is converted into the micro-soft fortran available to PC. The band calculation of LaNiO3 unit cell and extended ($2{\times}2{\times}1$) cell with perovskite structure is made by the PC/386 and PC/486. The calculation is also made for the DOS and the COOP. It is supposed that the electronic property of $LaNiO_3$ is semiconductor along to the ${\Gamma}{\rightarrow}H,\;H{\rightarrow}N,\;and\;N{\rightarrow}{\Gamma}(2D)$ direction with band gap about 0u.35 eV, while metal property in ${\Gamma}{\rightarrow}P\;and\;P{\rightarrow}N(3D)$ direction. The oxygen atom property in $LaNiO_3$ is more effectively affected by oxygen atom position than defect of nickel atom.



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