A Study on the Manufacturing and Physical Properties of Conducting Rubber(I) - Magnetite System Conducting Rubber -

도전성(導電性)고무의 제조(製造) 및 물성(物性)에 관(關)한 연구(硏究)(I) -Magnetite 혼합계(混合系) 도전성(導電性)고무-

  • 이영만 (청주대학교 이공대학 화학과) ;
  • 윤주호 (국립공업기술원) ;
  • 최세영 (청주대학교 이공대학 화학과)
  • Published : 1995.03.31


To make filler loaded conducting rubber which has the excellent electronical and physical properties, CR and NBR were mixed with magnetite$(Fe_3O_4)$. From the result of the study, vulcanization characteristics shows the upgrading curve as increase in filler concentration and CR has more torque than NBR. When elongation be higher, modulus comes to decreases. Tear strength gradually decrease after showing of the maximum point when is in the 100phr in all. Resilience is not good to cause the increase in filler concentration. In the electrical properties, conductivity becomes smaller when filler concentration is increased. The increase of voltage makes an conductivity grown, but the changed rate is weak. The influence of temperature hardly changes on increasing temperature. The morphology and the distribution for a conductivity filler through SEM were better, the more filler concentration increase, the shorter the particle interval is.