A polymer pH-Selectrode Based on Tribenzylamine as Neutral Carrier

Tribenzylamine 중성운반체를 이용한 pH-선택성 고분자 막전극

  • Received : 1995.02.20
  • Published : 1995.03.25


For the preparation of pH-selectrode, tribenzylamine, polyvinylchloride, dioctylphthalate, sodium tetraphenylborate and tetrahydrofuran were mixed with 0.02, 0.62, 1.34, 0.02g and 10ml respectively, and added 1g of acetylene black, graphite, silicon carbide or tungsten carbide respectively to improve electric conductivity. The selectrodes of seven kinds were shown linear to hydrogen ion in the range of pH 2 and 9. The best electric conductor for preparation of pH-selectrode based on tribenzylamine as neutral carrier was acetylene black and responded potential of the selectrode to hydrogen ion was shown the values near to theoretical Nernstian slope at $20^{\circ}C$. The interfering effects of the selectrode on hydrogen ion in the presence of alkali and alkaline earth metal ions were shown the better results with less error than glass electrode. The reproducibility and stability were good for use as a selectrode, especially in the presence of fluoride ion.


a polymer pH-selectrode