Comparison of Growth Characteristics of Soybean Sprouts Cultivated by Three Methods

콩나물 재배방법에 따른 생장 특성 비교

  • Published : 1996.04.30


Soybean sprouts(Paektae chunjari variety) cultivated for 5 days at a high temperature and humidity condition placed in the position of either upside down (method 1) or up right (method 2) were compared with the sprouts grown for 9 days with the conventional method (method 3) with respect to appearance, yield, rotten rate and organoleptic quality. The method 1 sprouts cultivated at a high temperature and humidity by sprinkling underground water (controlled temperature $17^{\circ}C$) 8 times a day were not significantly different in yield, rotten rate and moisture content from the method 2 sprouts except the lighter individual weights. The total weight yield of method 1 sprouts ($699{\pm}8.14%$699±8.14%) was lower than that of the method 3 sprouts ($771{\pm}11.8%$) but there was no significant difference in rotten rate ($0.83{\pm}0.07$). The organoleptic quality of the method 1 sprouts were superior in colour, flavor and overall taste than the method 3 sprouts.


soybean;soybean sprouts;Paektae chunjari variety