Packaging Techniques to Prevent Winter Kimchi from Inflation

겨울 김치에 대한 팽창 방지 포장 기법

  • Published : 1996.04.30


The effect of various packaging methods on Kimchi quality was investigated in order to develop the packaging techniques for preventing commercial Kimchi Products from ination and explosion due to fermentative gas evolved during storage and distribution. Kimchi was packaged in different methods; atmospheric (AP), check-valved (CV), double (DP) and vacuum (VP) packaging. The quality of Kimchi during storage at $10^{\circ}C$ was evaluated ill terms of gas composition, free volume, pH, titratable acidity, color index, lactic acid bacteria and sensory properties. $O_2$ concentration decreased to about 1% at $6{\sim}8$ days of optimal ripening time in all packages except DP, in which it remained around 20%. $CO_2$ concentration reached $70{\sim}90%$ after $6{\sim}8$ days in AP, CV and DP, while it stayed around 10% in DP. The free volume in AP had typical sigmoidal curve similar to $CO_2$ concentration changes. It remained almost constant in CV and DP, but started to increase at the late stage of storage In VP. There was no significant influence of packaging methods on the other quality attributes such as pH, titratable acidity, color index (L.b/a), lactic acid bacteria count and sensory evaluation score. As results, it could be proposed to employ CV and DP method as the effective packaging techniques for preventing commercial Kimchi products from inflation.