Biochemical Changes in Muscle Protein of Squid Sikhae during Fermentation -Effects of Temperature and Moisture Content-

오징어 식해 숙성중 단백질 화학적 변화 -온도 및 수분함량의 영향-

  • Published : 1996.04.30


In this study, biochemical changes of muscle protein in squid Sikhae prepared at various temperatures and moisture content were investigated. The pH values in squid Sikhae decreased rapidly with increase in titratable acidity during fermentation at high temperature and moisture content. Growth rate of lactic acid bacteria increased rapidly during fermentation at high temperature and moisture content. Changes in muscle protein subunit were analyzed by SDS-PAGE; myosin heavy chain component disappeared completely during preparation of squid Sikhae and actin component decreased slowly during fermentation. Therefore, it was suggested that myosin heavy chain component in squid muscle protein was autolyzed at the incipient for-mentation time and actin component was degraded by acidic protease in muscle and protease produced from microorganisms during fermentation.


squid muscle;sikhae;myosin heavy chain;actin;fermentation