Infusion of Pectinesterase for Preventing Softening of Kimchi Tissue

Pectinesterase 주입처리에의한 김치조직의 연화방지

  • Published : 1996.04.30


This study was conducted to investigate the effect of infusion of pectinesterase (PE) along with preheating treatment in $CaCI_2$ solution on softening Kimchi tissue. Preheating treatment showed preventive effect on softening of Kimchi tissue. Especially, the preheating in the presence of P was more effective in preserving firmness of both stem and leaf. As for of effect of PE infusion by vacuum treatment, a maximum crispness was obtained from the vacuum-treated stems in 0.05 M $CaCI_2$ solution containing PE. The crispness of all the samples decreased during fermentation and the PE-infused samples by vacuum treatment showed higher crispness than the control until the fourth day of fermentation.