Effect of Saccharides and Incubation Temperature on pH and Total Acidity of Fermented Black Tea with Tea Fungus

배양액 제조에 사용된 당의 종류와 농도 및 배양 온도가 Tea Fungus발효 홍차의 pH 변화와 Total Acids생성에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 1996.06.30


The fermented black tea with tea fungus (FBTF) known to cure various diseases was prepared by culturing tea fungus biomass in black tae with different kinds (sucrose, glucose, fructose and corn syrup) and concentrations (10-60% m/v) of saccharides. pH changes and total acid production of FBTF were investigated during 14 dats incubation at $5-45^{\circ}C$ The patterns of acid production in sucrose and fructose black tea solution were similar each other, and those in glucose and corn syrup black tea solution were similar each other showing that tea fungus biomass utilizes fructose than glucose more efficiently. The optimum incubation temperature for the formation and growth of tea fungus Biomass, and the acid production was $30^{\circ}C$ Low contents of total aids (0.1%-0.2%) were produced in 20% of higher concentrations of sucrose and fructose black tea solution, while 1.8% and 0.68% were produced in the 10% of sucrose and fructose black tea solutions, respectively, pH of FBTF dropped to 2.74-3.56 after 2 days of incubation of all the culture solution and Kept this level to 14 days incubation.


tea fungus;fermented black tea;pH;total acidity;effects of saccharides;incubation temperature