Optimization for Extraction of ${\beta}-Carotene$ from Carrot by Supercritical Carbon Dioxide

초임계 유체에 의한 당근의 ${\beta}-Carotene$ 추출의 최적화

  • Published : 1996.06.30


Supercritical fluid extraction of ${\beta}$-carotene from carrot was optimized to maximize ${\beta}$-carotene (Y) extraction yield. A central composite design involving extraction pressure ($X_1$ 200-,100 bar), temperature ($X_2,\;35-51^{\circ}C$) and time ($X_1$$ 60-200min) was used. Three independent factors ($X_1,\;X_2,\;X_3$) were chosen to determine their effects on the various responses and the function was expressed in terms of a quadratic polynomial equation,$Y={\beta}_0+{\beta}_1X_1+{\beta}_2X_2+{\beta}_3X_3+{\beta}_11X_12+{\beta}_22X_3^2+{\beta}_-12X_1X_2+{\beta}_12X_1X_2+{\beta}_13X_1X_3+{\beta}_23X_2X_3,$ which measures the linear, quadratic and interaction effects. Extraction yields of ${\beta}$-carotene were affected by pressure, time and temperature in the decreasing order, and linear effect of tenter point (${\beta}_11$) and pressure (${\beta}_1$) were significant at a level of 0.001(${\alpha}$). Based on the analysis of variance, the model fitted for ${\beta}_11$-carotene (Y) was significant at 5% confidence level and the coefficient of determination was 0.938. According to the response surface of ${\beta}$-carotene by cannoical analysis, the stationary point for quantitatively dependent variable (Y) was found to be the maximum point for extraction yield. Response area for ${\beta}$-carotene (Y) in terms of interesting region was estimated over $10,611{\mu}g$ Per 100 g raw carrot under extraction.