Analysis of Chemical Components of Korean Loquat (Eriobotrya japonica Lindl.) Fruit

국내산 비파 열매의 화학적 성분 분석

  • Published : 1996.06.30


The chemical components of Korean loquat (Eriobotrya japonica Lindl.) fruit were analysed. Approximate compositions of loquat flesh and seed were as follows. respectively crude lipid 0.53% and 0.83%, crude protein 0.05% and 5.27%, crude fiber 3.46% and 3.49%, crude ash 3.24% and 2.78%, carbohydrate 92.72% and 87.63% Soluble solids content, pH and acidity (citric acid) of loquat flesh juice were $12^{\circ}Bx$ by saccharometer, 4.43 and 0.18%, respectively. Free sugar compositions of loquat flesh and seed extracts $(3^{\circ}Bx)$ were as follows, respectively; fructose 0.77% and 0.31%, glucose 0.73% and 0.79%, sucrose 0.52% and 0.19%, ribose and 0.56%, Loquat flesh contained Glu 336.72 mg%, Asp 251.06 mg%, Arg 30.90 mg% and Lys 5.26 mg% Loquat seed contained Glu 448.23 mg%, Asp 335.63 mg%, lle 44.20 mg% and His 37.89 mg%, Potassium (k) contents of loquat flesh and seed were 32627.95 mg% and 28936.28 mg% in total amount of crude ash, while vitamin A and C of loquat flesh and seed were not detected. Composition of major lipid of loquat fruit seed oils fractionated by silicic acid was neutral lipids 43.78%, glycolipids 12.32% and phospholipids 43.90%, Fatty acid compositions of loquat seed lipid extracted by chloroform-methanol (2 : 1) were as follow; palmitic acid 23.72%, stearic acid 3.815, oleic acid 8.55%, linoleic acid 54.29% and linolenic acid 9.63%, Neutral lipids consist of palmitic acid 28.89, stearic acid 6.80%, oleic acid 11.07%, linoleic acid 40.67% and linolenic acid 12.58%, Glycolopids cinsist of palmitic acid 13.21%, stearic acid 4.56%, oleic acid 6.53%, linoleic acid 64.92% and linolenic aicd 10.77% Phospholipids consist of palmitic acid 30.95%, stearic acid 3.40%, oleic acid 9.09%, linoleic acid 48.45% and linolenic acid 8.10%.