Analysis of Volatile Components of a Chicken Model Food System in Retortable Pouches

레토르트 파우치 계육 모형식품의 휘발성분 분석

  • Published : 1996.08.30


In order to investigate changes of flavor during food sterilization in retortable pluches, a model food system consisting of 50% chicken breast meat, 1% salt and 49% chicken stock was analyzed before and after retorting using GC and GC-MS. In the analysis of the volatile components collected by the nitrogen purge and trap technique before and after retorting, a total of 53 peaks were observed on chromatograms and 42 peaks were identified. Among the 42 peaks identified were 17 caused by aldehydes, 9 by hydrocarbons, 8 by alcohols, 6 by ketones, 1 by furan and 1 by terpene. Analysis of the data obtained from our model food system strongly suggested that the compounds responsible for retort flavor are 2-heptanone, 2-pentyl furan and various ketones.


retort sterilization;gas chromatography;retort flavor;volatile component;retorable pouch