Retrogradation Behavior of Rice Starches Differing in Amylose Content and Gel Consistency

아밀로오스 함량과 Gel Consistency의 차이에 의한 품종별 쌀전분의 노화특성

  • Published : 1996.12.30


The effect of varietal differences of rice starches by amylose content and gel consistency on the retrogradation behavior was studied. Setback viscosity of rice flour measured in a Brabender amylograph was significantly affected by amylose content as well as gel consistency. Increase in the rigidity modulus (E) of rice starch gels during storage determined by using texture analyzer indicated that amylose content was an important factor in terms of hardness increase. Kinetics of retrogradation showed that time constant of rice starch gels was influenced by amylose content, but not by gel consistency.


rice starch;amylose content;gel consistency;retrogradation