Inhibitory Effect of Flavan-3-ols Isolated from Oolong Tea on Xanthine Oxidase

우롱차로부터 분리된 Flavan-3-ol 화합물의 Xanthine Oxidase에 대한 저해 영향

  • Published : 1996.12.30


As a series of study for an anti-gout agent, two flavan-3-ols have been isolated from Oolong tea. They showed positive reaction in $anisaldehyde-H_2SO_4$ solution and $FeCl_3$, which were able to be confirmed in TLC with dimeric flavan-3-ols. The components were identified as procyanidin B-2 and procyanidin B-2-O-3, 3'-di-gallate by spectroscopic analysis. Their inhibitory effect on xanthine oxidase was also investigated and procyanidin B-2-O-3, 3'-digallate showed 60.6% inhibition at $50\;{\mu}mole$. The compound competitively inhibited the xantine oxidase and dimeric flavan-3-ols contanining gallate had higher inhibition activity.


xanthine oxidase inhibitor;Oolong tea