Effect of Tyrosinase Inhibitors on the Melanogenesis of Gold Fish(Jet Black Color)

Tyrosinase 저해제가 검은툭눈붕어의 멜라닌 생성에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 1996.12.30


The in vivo effect of tyrosinase inhibitors in the melanogenesis of gold fish (jet black color) was evaluated by measuring surface color and observing melanin pigment. The fish was firstly cultivated in 0.9% NaCl solution for 1 week to induce melanogenesis, and then, it was transferred to each treatment group containing tyrosinase inhibitor. The fish was grouped into control. food additive group (addition of 5 mM glutathione, 5 mM cysteine, and 1 mM benzoic acid), microbial inhibitor group (addition of culture broth of Aspergillus oryzae in shiitake and glucose medium), and plant extract group (addition of the mixed extracts of green tea, beet, red chicory, and nameko). After 6 days, the fish was anesthetized by electric shock, and color of pectoral region, lateral region, and dorsal fin was measured. Hunter's L and b values of treated group were generally higher than those of control group, indicating that the tyrosinase inhibitors could inhibit the melanogenesis of the fish. Effect of plant extract was apparent, though relatively weak, not because it did not work in vivo, but because a sufficient amount of extract could not be added to fish globes. If a large amount of extract was added, fish gradually died due to a microbial contamination. Microscopic observation of melanin in lateral scale and dorsal fin showed that in the treated groups with tyrosinase inhibitors, the number of melanophore per unit area and the size of one melanophore decreased.