Initial Control of Microorganism in Kimchi by the Modified Preparation Method of Seasoning Mixture and the Pretreatment of Electrolyzed Acid-Water

전해산화수 전처리 및 양념류 제조방법에 따른 김치의 초기 미생물 제어

  • Published : 1996.12.30


To lessen the initial level of microorganism in kimchi, the preparation method of seasoning mixture was modified and electrolyzed acid-water was substitute for washing water and brine water. Changes in the microbial counts of the red pepper powder-garlic mixture prepared with red pepper powder, garlic and 4.8% (w/w) water (tap water and electrolyzed acid-water) of manufactured kimchi showed that coliform count and E. coli count were reduced to 93% and 98%, of the initial level in the tap water added red pepper powder-garlic mixture and 97% and 99% in the electrolzed acid-water added mixture after 6 hours of mix. After 24 hours of mix, no E. coli was recovered in borth mixtures. Microbial levels were revealed as $2.4{\times}10^5\;CFU/g$ for total count, $2.3{\times}10^5\;CFU/g$ for Lactobacillus count. $1.0{\times}10^2{\;}CFU/g$ of coliform count and $10^1\;CFU/g$ of E. coli count in the seasoning mixture prepared by the general method, and $4.2{\times}10^5\;CFU/g$ of total count, $4.0{\times}10^5CFU/g$ of Lactobacillus count, $1.0{\times}10^3\;CFU/g$ of coliorm count and $4.0{\times}10^2\;CFU/g$ of E. coli count in the mixture propared by the modified method. During fermentation at $10^{\circ}C$, the levels of total and Lactobacillus counts in kimchi prepared by the modified method were significantly lower than those of kimchi were recovered in kimchi prepared by the modified method, whereas there were at the level of $10^1\;CFU/g$ in kimchi prepared by the general method. The pH and acidity of kimchi prepared by the modified method were 4.66 and 0.54%, respectively, whereas those in kimchi prepared b the general method were 4.51 and 0.70%, respectively. But after 14 days of fermentation significant differences were not observed in the changes of microbial, pH and acidity for both kimchi.


seasoning mixture;kimchi;microorganism;electrolyzed acid-water