Application of Heat/Moisture-Treated Rices for Sikhe Preparation

습열처리 변성 쌀을 이용한 식혜제조

  • Published : 1996.12.30


Physically modified rices were prepared by heat/moisture-treatment and its application for sikhe preparation was examined. The modified rice starch showed decreases in swelling, viscosity and enthalpies of gelatinization. But gelatinization temperature was increased by the treatment. The rate of saccharification for sikhe with the heat/moisture-treated rice autoclaved at 15 psi, $121^{\circ}C$ for 1 hr was twice higher than the untreated rice. Brix in sikhe of the untreated rice saccharified for 2 hrs was 8.2, whereas sikhe made with rice autoclaved for 1 hr was 8.7 only after 1 hour of saccharification. However. there was no difference in sugar composition analyzed by HPLC between both of them.


heat/moisture-treatment;rice;sikhe;starch modification