Extractive Nitrogenous Constituents in Commercial Saeujeot, a Salted and Fermented Shrimp (Acetes japonicus)

시판(市販) 새우젓의 함질소(含窒素) 엑스성분(成分)에 관(關)한 연구(硏究)

  • Published : 1996.12.30


In order to investigate the composition and the actual status of extractive nitrogenous compounds in saeujeot, a salted and fermented seawater shrimp(Acetes japonicus), the extract was analyzed separately into extractive nitrogen, free amino acids, oligpopeptides, nucleotides and related compounds, quaternary ammonium bases, and guanidino compounds, using specimens collected at fish markets from July in 1994 November in 1995. The extractive nitrogen of saeujeot was ranging from 430 mg to 528 mg, and the total of free amino acids in it was ranging from 1,509 mg to 2,131 mg, The extract was rich in free amino acids especially in lysine, glutamic acid, leucine, arginine, glycine, histidine, and glutamine, However, the content of most free amino acids was fluctuated from collection to collection. The total of nucleotides and related compounds in the extract was ranging from $1.38\;{\mu}mol\;to\;7.41\;{\mu}mol$, and the rage of fluctuation was essential identical with those of the extractive nitrogen and free amino acids. Homarine, trigonelline, ${\beta}-alaninebetaine$, and glycinebetaine were found in the saeujeot extract. Among them, homarine was the most abundant, ranging from 97 mg to 224 mg, but trigonelline, ${\beta}-alaninebetaine$, and glycinebetaine were very low. TMAO and TMA in the saeujeot extract were $13{\sim}80\;mg\;and\;12{\sim}280\;mg$, respectively. A small amount of creatine (less than 6 mg) and creatinine (less than 1 mg) was detected in all samples.


saeujeot;salted and fermented shrimp;Acetes japonicus;extractive nitrogenous constituents;free amino acid