Quantitative Determination of Solvents in Food Packaging Film Using Headspace Gas Chromatography

헤드스페이스 가스크로마토그라프에 의한 식품포장재 중의 잔류용제 분석연구

  • Published : 1996.12.30


A static headspace gas chromatographic (HSGC) technique was used to quantify toluene and other solvents (methanol, isopropyl alcohol, methyl ethyl ketone and ethyl acetate) in food packaging films. Comparison of retention times and coefficient variations for standard solvents showed consistent retention time and good reproducibility. Therefore, this method using static HSGC proved to be superior in rapidity and reproducibility, and is thought to be adaptable to analysis of a large number of samples. The methanol content was $N.D.\;(not\;detected){\sim}0.939\;mg/m^2$, toluene $N.D.{\sim}1.403\;mg/m^2$, melthyl ethyl ketone $N.D.{\sim}0.932\;mg/m^2$, total solvent content was $N.D.{\sim}2.433\;mg/m^2$.