A Comparative Biological Study of the Rhizome and Main Root from Red and White Ginsengs

홍삼 및 백삼의 뇌두, 동체에 대한 생물활성 비교

  • Published : 1996.12.01


Comparative biological activities of 70fr methanol extracts from the main roots and rhizomes of both red and white ginsengs were investigated using several in vitro experimental models. The main root of red ginseng and the rhizome of white ginseng strongly inhibited lipld peroxidation of hepatic microsomes induced by the non-enzymatic $Fe^{+}$ / Ascorbate system. The main root and rhizome of red ginseng markedly inhibited the release of G07, GPT and LDH by $CCl_4$-induced cytotoxicity in primary cultured rat hepatocytes as compared with those of white ginseng. And also, the main root of red ginseng showed a slight differentiating activity on HL-60 cancer cell line. The results suggest that the rhizome of ginseng have potential as a source of medicinal crude drug with possible pharmacolobica1 applications .