Heat transfer characteristics of fin and tube heat exchangers with various interrupted surface for air conditioning application

다양한 형태의 단속표면을 갖는 공조기용 핀-관 열교환기의 열전달 특성

  • Published : 1996.12.01


This study is related with the experimental investigation on the heat transfer and pressure drop characteristics of the fin-and-tube heat exchangers with three different interrupted fins and a plane fin for air-conditioning application. Experiments were conducted accordingly following the appropriate development process. Geometry similitude experiment was introduced to predict the performance of fins, and prototype experiment was also performed to confirm the validity of geometry similitude experimental results. However, these experimental results were limited to the sensible heat transfer characteristics of the heat exchangers. Hence, additional experiment was performed using refrigerant to investigate the latent heat transfer characteristics. This paper presents an appropriate process for the development of a new type heat exchanger. Sensible and latent heat transfer characteristics for each fin configuration is also provided along with the optimal fin configuration.


Geometry Similitude Method;Large-Scale Model;Prototype;Sensible Heat;Latent Heat;Water Drop;Heat Transfer Coefficient;Pressure Drop