Fluid Flow in a Circular Cylinder Subject to Circulatory Oscillation-Numerical Analysis and Experiment

회전요동하는 원통내의 유동특성 - 수치해석 및 실험

  • Published : 1996.12.01


A fluid flow inside a circular cylinder subject to horizontal, circular oscillation is analyzed numerically and experimentally. The steady streaming velocities at the edges of the boundary layers on the bottom and side surfaces of the cylinder obtained in the previous paper are used as the boundary conditions in the governing equations for the steady flow motion in the interior region. The Stokes' drift velocity obtained in the previous paper also constitutes the Lagrangian velocity which is used in the momentum equations. It turns out that the interior steady flow is composed of one cell, ascending at the center and descending near the side surface, at the streaming Reynolds number 2500. However, at the streaming Reynolds number 25, the flow field is divided into two cells resulting in a descending flow at the center. The experimentally visualized flow patterns at the bottom surface agree well with the analytical solutions. The visualization experiment also confirms the flow direction as well as the center position of the cell obtained by the numerical solutions.


Circular Cylinder;Circulatory Oscillation;Internal Steady Flow;Lagrangian Velocity;Streaming Reynolds Number;Visualization Experiment