Laminar Convective Heat Transfer of a Bingham Plastic in a Circular Pipe(I) Analytical approach- thermally fully developed flow and thermally develping flow(the Graetz problem extended)

원관내 Bingham Plastic의 층류 대류 열전달(1)해석적 연구-완전발달유동과 온도분포 발달유동(확장된 그래츠문제)

  • Published : 1996.12.01


Thermally fully developed and thermally developing laminar flows of a Bingham plastic in a circular pipe have been studied analytically. For thermally fully developed flow, the Nusselt numbers and temperature profiles are presented in terms of the yield stress and Peclet number, proposing a correlation formula between the Nusselt number and the Peclet number. The solution to the Graetz problem has been obtained by using the method of separation of variables, where the resulting eigenvalue problem is solved approximately by using the method of weighted residuals. The effects of the yield stress, Peclet and Brinkman numbers on the Nusselt number are discussed.


Bingham Plastic;Axial Conduction;Viscous Dissipation;Graetz Problem