A Blackboard-Based Scheduling Expert System

흑판모델을 이용한 일정계획 전문가 시스템

  • Published : 1996.01.01


Scheduling jobs effectively under consideration of actual loads on machines is one of the most complicated tasks in production control. The complexity of the finite capacity scheduling often makes the conventional methods of industrial engineering fail. As an alternative, Knowledge-based approaches to job-shop scheduling have been evolved recently. This paper presents a blackboard- based scheduling expert system which combines knowledge-based scheduling with interactive scheduling. It is shown to be possible to generate the feasible schedule within a reasonable time. Flexible reaction management is also possible while keeping the changes in the generated schedule to the minimal and adjusting the schedule to tardy operations or working environmental changes. The system is equipped with a rule base with heuristics for handling conflicted event. A case study applying the implemented system is described.


Job-Shop;Blackboard;Knowledge-Based Scheduling;Interactive Scheduling;Reaction Management