An experimental study for boiling heat transfer enhancement under electric fields

전기장하에서의 비등 열전달 촉진에 관한 실험적 연구

  • Published : 1996.07.01


Electric field effect on boiling of refrigerants R11, R113, and FC72 has been investigated experimentally. One purpose of the experimental investigation is to determine the effects of the electrode arrangements on electrohydrodynamic boiling of the above mentioned liquids. The test equipment employed in the experiment consists of a shell and tube heat exchanger with six or six and twelve rows of electrode wires around the tube. It has been found that the applied voltage promotes the boiling heat transfer coefficient except FC72. Boiling heat transfer enhancement obtained is about 230% for R11, 280% for R113. It has also been observed that bubbles detached from the tube aggregate at the place where the electrical gradient force balances with the buoyancy one. These aggregated bubbles force to decrease the boiling heat transfer coefficient as well as to reduce the voltage needed to the dielectric breakdown.


Boiling Heat Transfer;Electrohydrodynamics(EHD);Heat Transfer Enhancement;Bubble Behavior;Electric Field Strength;High Voltage;Electrode;Dielectric Liquid;Dielectric Breakdown