Nitric Oxide and Carbon Monoxide Emission from a Premixed Flame Stabilized in a Porous Ceramic Matrix Burner

세라믹 매트릭스 버너에 형성된 예혼합 화염의 NOx 및 CO 배출특성

  • Published : 1996.10.01


Emission characteristics of nitric oxides and carbon monoxide from a porous media combustor has been experiment studied. The relationship between the change of flame shape and emission has also been examined. As the equivalence ratio decreases, the flame shape on the ceramic matrix plate changes from a diffusion flame, R(radiant)-type flame, to B(Blue)-type flame. With large fuel flow rate, R-type flame turns to be two dimensional R-II type flame around the equivalence of 0.7. Carbon monoxide emission increases very rapid with decreasing equivalence ratio. It changes a lot from some 10 ppm to 100-10,000 ppm with the change of flame type from R-I to R-II type. Nitric oxide emission from the premixed burner is less than 25 ppm over all range of fuel flow rate, which is less than 20% of NOx emission from conventional gas burners.


Premixed Type Combustor;Lean Flammability Limit;Blowout Flashback;Nitric Oxide;Carbon Monoxide;Flame Stabilization Mechanism;Heat Recirculation;Ceramic Porous Media