Experimental Study on Flows within an Unshrouded Centrifugal Impeller Passage(II)-on the Influence of Flow Rate-

개방형 원심회전차의 내부유동장에 관한 실험적 연구(2)-유량에 따른 영향-

  • Published : 1996.10.01


Flows were measured in an unshrouded centrifugal impeller. By using a single slanted hot-wire probe and a Kiel probe mounted on the impeller hub disk, the 3-D relative velocities and the rotary stagnation pressures were measured in seven circumferential planes between the inlet and outlet of the impeller rotating at 700 rpm, which diameter is 0.39 meter, and the static pressures and the slip factor at the impeller outlet were estimated from the measured values. Measurements were made for three flow rates corresponding to zero incidence and two others with the greater and the smaller one than zero. From the measured data in these flow rates, the followings were investigated in the impeller passage, the variation of the primary and secondary flows, the leakage flows, the wake's position and its size, the static pressure rise and the loss production mechanism. Furthermore the static pressure and the slip factor were compared with the results of inviscid Quasi-3D calculation.


Unshrouded Centrifugal Impeller;Flow Rate;Radial Vane;Secondary Flow;Leakage Flow;Wake-Jet;Single Slanted Hot-Wire;Kiel Probe