레이저 플래쉬 방법에 의한 SiC/C계 경사기능재료의 열물성 측정

Mok, Jae-Gyun;Yu, Jae-Seok

  • 발행 : 1996.05.01


Laser flash technique was applied to measure thermal properties of FGM made by a CVD method. System stability and reproducibility of this measuring system were proved and calibrated with glassy carbon used as reference material. Specimens was prepared by cutting FGM diagonally. Measurements were performed for a wide range of temperatures up to 1500K. Relative heat capacity of the FGM specimen was scattered with in $\pm$13% at room temperature and at high temperature above 1200K, and $\pm$3% at medium temperature range. On the other hand, thermal diffusivity data showed excellent reproducibility and stability through the whole temperature range. In conclusion, the multi-target radiometer can be applied to measure the thermal properties of non homogeneous materials like FGM.


레이저플래쉬 방법;경사기능재료;다중검출방사계;화학증착법


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