Vortex Tube의 냉출구 Orifice에 관한 실험적 연구

Yu, Gap-Jong;Choe, Byeong-Cheol

  • 발행 : 1996.03.01


Vortex tube is a simple device which splits a compressed gas stream into a cold stream and a hot stream without any chemical reactions. The phenomena of energy separation taking place in a vortex tube has been investigated experimentally. Recently, vortex tube is widely used to local cooler of industrial equipments and air conditioner of special purpose. In this study, experimental study on vortex tube efficiency was performed with various cold end orifices and nozzles type. The experimental results indicate that there is an optimum diameter of cold end orifice and nozzle type for the best cooling performance. The variation of the maximum wall temperature along the vortex tube surface provides useful information about the location of the stagnation point of the flow field at the axis of the vortex tube. The similarity relation for the prediction of the temperature of the cold exit air was obtained.


보텍스 튜브;에너지 분리;보텍스 발생기;냉출구 오리피스