수지상가지의 조대화를 고려한 이원합금의 응고과정동안 용질 재분배 해석

Yu, Ho-Seon

  • 발행 : 1996.04.01


This paper presents a simplified model for approximate analysis of the solute redistribution in coarsening dendrite arms during solidification of binary metal alloys. By introducing a quadratic concentration profile with a time-dependent coefficient, the integral equation for diffusion in the solid phase is reduced to a simple differential relation between the coefficient and the solid-liquid interface position. The solid fraction corresponding to the system temperature is readily determined from the relation, phase equilibrium and the overall solute balance in which the liquid phase is assumed to be completely mixed. In order to validate the developed model, calculations are performed for the directional solidification of Al-4.9 mass Cu alloy. The predicted eutectic fractions for a wide range of the cooling rate reasonably agree with data from the well-known experiment as well as sophisticated numerical analyses. Also, the results for the back diffusion limits are consistent with available references. Additional calculations show that the characteristic parameters such as the coarsening, density variation and nonlinarity in the phase diagram significantly affect the microsegregation. Owing to the simplicity, efficiency and compatibility, the present model may be suitable for the micro-macroscopic solidification model as a microscopic component.


용질 재분배;미시편식;이원합금;수지상가지 조대화;역확산