Finite Element Simulation of Material Flow and Weld Line Formation in SMC Compression Molding

SMC 압축성형의 소재유동과 겹침선 형성에 관한 유한요소 해석

Hahn, Young-Won;Im, Yong-Taek

  • Published : 1996.01.01


SMC(Sheet Molding Compound) is made of unsaturated polyester resin and other additives reinforced with randomly distributed chopped fiberglass strands. Because of its higher stiffness per unit mass, SMC was used as a substitute for steel for automotive steel outer panels. Thus, understanding of flow characteristics during fabrication of SMC is of importance since the formation of weld line depends on material flow. In the present study, SMC compression molding simulations in the flat and T-shape molds were accomplished. During simulations, the preferential the preferential flow occurred at the low mold closing speed while plug flow was observed for the higher mold closing speed. When the preferential flow was observed, the weld line was seen at the final stage. For simulations, rigid-viscoplastic finite element method was applied. Self-contact algorithm was also applied in order to predict the formation of the weld line. Simulation results were compared to the experimental results available in the literature.


Finite Element Method;Self-Contact Algorithm;Weld Line;Plug Flow;Preferential Flow