Reduction of the Seismetic rRspocses by Using the Modified Hysteretic Bi-Linear Model of the Seismic Isolator

수정히스테리틱 Bi-Linear 면진베어린 모델을 사용한 지진응답감소

  • Published : 1996.01.01


In general, seismic isolators which are made of laminated rubber and shim plate have characteristics of complex hysteretic behavior. When shear deformation of the seismic isolator is small, the isolator hassimple hysteretic almost bi-linear behabior. But on large shear deformation hardening effects may occur. This paper proposes a moldeling method of the seimic isolator with modified hysteretic bi-linear model which can consider the hardening effects. From the results of the seismic analyses of the isolated system it is shown that the responses are singificantly reduced compared with those of the non-isolated system. The modified hysteretic bi-linear model of the isolator gives larger ZPA(zero period acceleration) than those of the simple hysteretic bi-linear model and the equivalunt spring-damper model.


Seismic Isolator;Hardening Effects;Seismic Isolated System