Prediction of Cutting Temperature in Flank Face at High Speed Steel in Orthogonal Turning

2차원 선삭시 고속도강 공구의 플랭크면 절삭온도 예측

  • Published : 1996.01.01


Temperature distribution on the flank face in orthogonal turning with cutting tool of high speed steel is studied by using a finite element method and experiments. Experiments are carried out to verify the validity of the temperature measurement by using a thermoelectric couple junciton imbedded in a cutting tool of high speed steel. Good agreement is obtained between the analytical results and the experimental ones for the temperature distributions on flank face of cutting tool with igh speed steel. The analytical results show that the temperature on the top flank face of a tool is higher because of the difference of the friction velocity on each face of the tool.


Orthogonal Turning;Temperature Distribution;Flank Face;Strain Rate