Automatic Mesh Generation by Delaunay Triangulation and Its Application to Remeshing

Delaunay 삼각화기법을 이용한 유한요소망의 자동생성과 격자재구성에의 응용

  • Published : 1996.02.01


An algorithm for automatic mesh generation of two-dimensional arbitrary planar domain is proposed by using Delaunay triangulation algorithm. An efficient algorithm is proposed for the construction of Delaunay triangulation algorithm over convex planar domain. From the definition of boundary, boundary nodes are first defined and then interior nodes are generated ensuring the Delaunay property. These interior nodes and the boundary nodes are then linked up together to produce a valid triangular mesh for any finite element analysis. Through the various example, it is found that high-quality triangular element meshes are obtained by Delaunay algorithm, showing the robustness of the current method. The proposed mesh generation scheme has been extended to automatic remeshing, which is applicable to FE analysis including large deformation and large distortion of elements.


Finite Element Method;Mesh Generation;Delaunay Trangulation;Remeshing


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