An Experimental Study on the Fabrication and the Compression Behavior of Semi-Solid Aluminum Material

반응용 알루미늄재료의 제조 및 압축거동에 관한 실험적 연구

  • Gang, Chung-Gil (Dept.of Precision Mechanical Engineering, Busan National University) ;
  • Yun, Jong-Hun (Graduate School of Busan National University) ;
  • Published : 1996.03.01


A fabrication process using Semi-Solid Material(SSM) for casting alloy has been studied to demonstrate the possibility for mass production with controlled solid fraction. The SSM was fabricated under the various solid fractions and preheating temperatures of mold. The behaviour of a semi-solid global microstructure has been investigated under the various heating and die temperatures for solid fraction. The effect of reheating time on the globularization of SSM microstructure has been investigated in detail. And the behavior of SSM which has the solid fraction 0.5 was observed under compression. The stress strain relationship was also obtained for the compression test of semi-solid materials. The rheological behaviour of semi-solid with globule microstructure was investigated as a function of the compression velocity under isothermal holing conditions.


Semi-Solid Material;Reheating Time;Globularization;Cooling Rate;Shape Factor;Dendritic Structure;Surface Crack