Simulation of Fuzzy Shape Control for Cold-Rolled Strip with Randomly Irregular Strip Shape

임의 불량형상을 갖는 냉연판의 퍼지형상제어 시뮬레이션

  • Published : 1996.03.01


In this study, a fuzzy control algorithm was developed for the randomly irregular shape of cold-rolled strip. Currently developed fuzzy control algorithm consists of two parts: the first part calculates the changes of work and intermediate roll bender forces based on the symmetric part of the irregular strip shape, and the second part calculates the weighting factors based on the asymmetric part and modifies the pre-determined roll bender forces according to the weighting factors. As a result of this, bender froces applied at the both sides of the cold-rolled strip were different. In order to simulate the continuous shape control. fuzzy controller developed was linked with emulator which was developed based on neural network. The fuzzy controller and emulator developed simulated the cold rolling process until irregular shape converged to a tolerable range in producing uniform cross-sectional strip shape. The results obtained from the simulation were reasonable for various irregular strip shapes.


Cold Rolling;Shape Control;Fuzzy Rule;Fuzzy Control;Emulator