Stress Intensity Factors for an Interlaminar Crack in Composites under Arbitrary Crack Surface Loadings

임의의 균열표면 하중을 받는 복합채 중앙균열의 응력세기계수

  • Published : 1996.03.01


A model is constructed to evaluate the stress intensity factors(SIFs) for composites with an interlaminar crack subjected to as arbitrary crack surface loading. A mixed boundary value problem is formulated by Fourier integral transform method and a Fredholm integral equation of the second kind is derived. The integral equation is solved numerically and the mode I and II SIFs are evaluated for various shear modulus ratios between each layer, crack length to layer thickness, each term of crack surface polynomial loading and the number of layers. The mode I and II SIFs for the E- glass/epoxy composites as well as the hybrid composites are also evaluated.


Stress Intensity Factor;Center Crack;Arbitrary Loading;Dual Integral Equations;Composites