Analysis of Creep Crack Growth at High-Temperature Components by Diffusive Growth Model of Grain Boundary Cavities (I)-Effect of Grain Boundary Cavitation on Stress Field and Crack Growth Rate-

입계기공의 확산성장 모델을 이용한 고온기기의 크립균열전파해석(1)-응력장 및 균열전파속도에 미치는 입계기공의 영향-

  • 전재영 (삼성항공(주) 항공우주연구소)
  • Published : 1996.04.01


The crack growth under creep condition is one of the major damage mechanisms which determines remaining life of the component operating at high temperatures. In this paper, the creep crack growth by grain boundary cavitation is studied, which is frequently observed failure mechanism for creep brittle materials. As a result of diffusive growth of creep cavities, it is shown that the crack-tip stress field is modified from the original stress distribution by the amount of singularity attenuation parameter which is function of crack growth rate and material properties. Also, the stress relaxation at crack-tip results in the extension of cavitating area by the load dump effect to meet the macroscopic force equilibrium conditdion.


Cavity Growth;Grain Boundary Diffusion;Edge Dislocation;Singular Stress Field;Creep Crack Growth;Remaining Life