Vibraiton and Power Flow Analysis for the Branched Piping System by Wave Approach

파동접근법을 이용한 분기된 배관계의 진동 및 파워흐름해석

  • Published : 1996.04.01


In this paper the vibration and power flow analysis for the branched piping system conveying fluid are performed by wave approach. The uniform straight pipe element conveying fluid is formulated using the dynamic stiffness matrix by wave approach. The branched piping system conveying fluid can be easily formulated with considering of simple assumptions of displacements at the junction and continuity conditions of the pipe internal flow. The dynamic stiffness matrix for each uniform straight pipe element can be assembled by using the global assembly technique using in conventional finite element method. The computational method proposed in this paper can easily calculate the forced responses and power flow of the branched piping system conveying fluid regardless of finite element size and modal properties.


Wave Approach;Branched Piping System;Dynamic Stiffness Matrix;Power Flow